Storm Damage Photo Gallery

A barn with damaged roof and walls after a storm.

Storm Damaged Barn in Berwyn, IL

After strong winds and heavy rain flew through the Berwyn area, this barn suffered damage to the walls and the roof. Our SERVPRO of La Grange Park/North Riverside team was called to action to perform the storm damage cleanup and restoration.

Hurricane Harvey Clean Up

After Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, SERVPRO of LaGrange Park/North Riverside mobilized to Houston to help with the relief efforts.  This is a sanctuary in a local Houston area church that we are helping to restore and allow the church members to return to their congregation family.  Making it, "Like it never even happened."

Hurricane Matthew Clean Up

This home had water running down the walls and on to the floors of several areas of this house.  The hurricane rains and flooding made it to where almost every room of this house had flood damage.  

Clean Up from Storm Damage

In Cincinnati, after a long string of rain storms the city experienced a city wide sewer back up.  SERVPRO of LaGrange Park/North Riverside was asked to come help with the clean up of this area.  

This home had a floor drain that had backed up sewer water from the city drainage system.  Our crew was sent out to clean up the flooring and the walls that had the sewage.  The water had receded by the time we had arrived onsite, so it was up to our staff to clean up the cement floors and walls.  

City Wide Sewer Back Up

After several days of rain and showers, Cincinnati OH had a city wide sewer drain back up, and was in need of help.  SERVPRO of LaGrange Park was called upon to help with this clean up.  

This particular home had sewage water come up through the floor drain and had standing water in their basement.  

It is the water you cant see

Hurricane Matthew hit many homes in the eastern part of the United States last year.  Many houses and businesses were struck with some sort of water damage.  This particular home had water damage through out the home.  By the time we had arrived onsite, the water had soaked up the carpeting, pad, and into the walls.   Its the unseen water that causes the most damage, especially when the water you don't see contains bacteria.

Hurricane Matthew Affected Dentist Office

SERVPRO of LaGrange Park/North Riverside was asked to assist in the clean up in VA after Hurricane Matthew. This office had several exam rooms, and their waiting area wet from the water from the hurricane.  

We were able to arrive on the job, and help restore the dentist office, and get them back to business.  SERVPRO of LaGrange Park/North Riverside made it "Like it never even happened." 

Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

When we arrived to this home, we found that the water had entered through the roof, and had collapsed the roof in several areas of the home.  Being "Faster to any size disaster", we helped this homeowner clean up the area.  We also put a tarp on the roof, and did all we could to keep any further damage to happening to the home.  

Storm Clean Up

This home had sewage water that backed up from the city into their basement.  It had affected most of the flooring, however it did not get high enough to affect drywall.  We were able to get the carpet out, get the floor cleaned, and get the homeowners their home back right away.  

After Major Storm Damage

In September of 2016, the city of Cincinnati had a city wide sewer storm drain back up affecting many homes in the sounding area.  Storm team activated surrounding SERVPRO franchises to assist in the clean up.  SERVPRO of LaGrange Park/North Riverside was honored to deploy to OH to help the storm team.  

This particular home had sewage back up in spots up to 5 feet, and an entire office and play room that had contents affected.